Mike Braun

Mike Braun

Hi, my name is Mike Braun. I am the founder of The Truth Wins Ministries. After over twenty years of owning my own service business, God directed me to attend Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs to become a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God specifically called me into this ministry to train leaders across the world to understand their position as one of servant leadership. This model is perfectly displayed in the life of God’s son Jesus Christ.

Because I still own my service business of over twenty-three years I am able to provide for my personal expenses. This means that 100% of the monies you donate are used to train leaders who will likewise affect the entire earth for Jesus Christ.

If you, like I, believe leadership is the key to changing our world for God, please consider contributing to this cause.

Feel free to enjoy all the teachings on this site free of charge. The lesson outlines, diagrams, and transcripts are all downloadable and are available to be reproduced, but are not to be sold without permission.

Thank you for visiting, Mike Braun